My system never fails me.

– Famous words before he failed



Limited Supply

Blue Bot has a limited supply of 10 billion coins, which means that there is a finite amount of coins that will ever be created.

Anti-Bear Trap Mechanism

The Blue Bot coin has an innovative anti-bear trap mechanism that helps to minimize risk and maximize potential returns.


Blue Bot is a decentralized cryptocurrency, which means that it is not controlled by any central authority. This feature ensures that the coin is resistant to censorship and provides a high level of security.

Fast Transactions

Blue Bot is built on Binance Smart Chain and its transactions are fast and secure, with low fees.



1. Create Wallet (e.g Metamask)

2. Add BNB to your wallet

3. Copy and paste the contract address in the widget.

4. Swap BNB for Blue Bot

CA: 0xa9b843DAE1C7A63cf83B771881DCba982D95A7Ee

We recommend setting your slippage to 0.5% to avoid getting front run.